Unlike Rhinestones and pebbles,
your acclaimed Love was feeble,
it was almost never there,
so I’ll just call it a phantom…
And for the time that we were,
all you did was cause me rancour….
If you were indeed worth it,
I’d have hatred in my heart to harbour….

Nobody warned me,
there was no hint at all,
except for the words of my mother,
“dear son,do not pursue all that is gaudy”…
But I was in the inception of my youth,
and in those latter times,
the only acknowledged wisdom,
were acts of blatant blunders…

Life trudged along,
tepid currents caressing every passing moment…
nothing seemed amiss..
In my own imperfect way,
I found perfect bliss…
And then she came along,
fair skinned,golden locks,brown eyes,perfect lips…supple and round…
There was no negation…
For all that she appeared to be,
She was perfections enervation…
Every spare moment,every snooze-time…every resting hour…
I coined words for her,
I sang symphonies…I created everlasting art….
Moments of pure affection,frozen in time…
In my feeble mind,’twas my idea of a befitting Libation…

How foolish thus was this man in the early days of youth…
He sought to grow,to be collosal,
but neglected the roots…..
How can light be found in the darkest of nights,
in the absence of the stars….
And the ever fair moon?
How could he not,with clear vision,
and enough wisdom…
How could he not see that foolery with her would exorcise his dear,dear freedom?….
Oh young lad,you were only just a body slave in her pernicious kingdom…

I was far gone,lost beyond redemption,
like a kitten after its own tail,
I was thrilled….for she seemed an adventure…
How could I have been so blind?….
Since when did death appeal to my mind?…
Oh foolish soul…thou hath crafted thy own demise…

With my wits I thought I could sway,
your unbelieving Heart,I sought to change…
But how can the dead be raised,
when there’s no corpse in place?….
How do you change a heart,
when all thats left of it is soot and black…
Like a worthless scroll tossed in the fire place on an eventless winter night….

For the mistake that was you,
And the wiser man that is me,
there’s no lofty tale of distraught Lovers,
For we never were….
“Why?”…you dare to ask my dear friend…
There’s no need to blubber…
There’s a clear answer….
So ma Cherie’,
In the abscence of any clearer imagery
I’ll just say,
You’re my tragic Illead,
And I’ll be gloomy Homer….

How comical,
we’re the only cast in this performance…

Nobody gave me any chance of coming back,
but like Odesseysus,I’ve done the impossible….
You placed me in hell,
Hoping to come back for ashes,
But I turned it around,
and now I roam the heavens….

Long,Long Journey,
with twists and horrors….
And lets not forget infernal Gurneys…
I won’t go trite and say You were worth it…
But for what its worth,ma cherie’
of true Love,You’re most unworthy..

To reach paradise,you were the collosal deep I had to jump over,
the cracken I had to drown deep down under,
in Poseidons great waters…
You’re the plague that would never have been history,
if I had guidance enought not to flip the lid…

On the outside,You’re Shangri-La,
but when I gave ‘ee passage,
there was only chaos…
for I seemed to wane as I got eerily closer….
suffice to say ,Ma Cherie’…

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