Grovels and Pleas,

They cannot help me on this one,

They’re redundant, just for show….

I’m down in this hole,

No lights to see,

No surface to hold….

Am I going to be here forever,

Like a car You never drove?


What is my fate,

What is your verdict?

Answer me,

Before my life goes to waste…




I don’t have eternity,

Oh mistress of light…

So I implore thee,

Let my eyes for this passing tide of time,

Behold the splendor of thy light…

Your faintest strobe is enough to illuminate

The globe…..


Oh! What art thou made  of,

If not of heavens blitz?..

We all affirm that beauty is given,

But none refute ,

That yours is more than a gift…

The very sight of you inspires Bliss….



Did anything deserve to be called BEAUTIFUL

Before You?…

No, ma`Cherie, the word was coined just for You…

No one argues,

We all know this as indelible truth…

Who can negate – There can never be another You…..


You’re perfect, You’re  all beauty has to show….

I’ll not remain silent…

The world has to know……

In overwhelming darkness,

Your essence never ceases to show(GLOW)….

I can live in darkness forever,

For in my memory, You will always glow……



But I want more,

I want it all…

Let this not end,

Let me remain in the confines of thy sphere,

If You send me away,

I’ll flood the world with tears….

I’ll live out the remainder of my days,

Uneventful – Like an empty shell…






It’ll be pain multiplied, sorrow squared…

Body well…Brain dead…

Cast down from Heaven…Lost in Hell…

Staved from care…

On distress’s diet fed……



What is life without You?

Its not life at all – I feel like a living dead…

Its useless trying to live without You,

It’s like carrying the world on a mule…

Like defining the world from a myopic View…

This is truth..

This is my heart,

From a panoptic view…



The splendor of your bewildering charm,

How, ma`Cherie,

How can(DOTH) it inspire calm?




You stupefy the crowds that surrounds,

How is that possible?

When You’re not the only maiden around?









How then can I bear to see You leave?

How can a man behold Paradise

And consciously decline?

After Eden, what could be more divine?

To define perfection, after YOU,

What could be more precise?

Why would I choose to die,

When I could drown in the fountains of life?

 Hearken, ma`Cherie,
        Permit my pleas to placate thee so,
           Answer my prayer,
    Play the Angel and save this dying soul…

And in the end MY PERFECT,
When everything has crumbled, even the Eiffel,
     Will continue,
Even to the Paradise of Heaven…  

       A hearts pledge….
       Untainted LOVE……
  I wish ma`Cherie…That in this present time,
           I could offer more……


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