How can there be only retinue?
There’s no other thought,except of serenades for you..
Days are passing away,and yet,the want for you declines to wane,
Like Noah’s storm,refusing to abate…..

This crater is endless,
No hands to catch me on this fall,
With every glimpse of you,
The longing grows more and more….

For the memories I could not save,
And the past I long to hold,
For every moment you surface,
Let my heart be whole….

The presence of you,
the faintest residue,
causes a deluge of affections…unstoppable paroxysm…
For the beauty that you are,let there be no synonym….

If your form had flaws,they would edify perfection thus…
If numbers be thy grade,then you’re a perfect score…
If perfection hath its worth,then let heaven name its price….
If men strive for heights,let me be you inclined….

You invade my thoughts,
the effect is reflecting,
I’ll indulge no other,
if not you,let my heart be empty….
My mind is overflowing with Love’s incentive…..

In my head,you’re living…. Rent Free….



The evening like a veil,

The wind brushes by, with subtle arms…its almost human…

Who knows it might have a name…

Like they say, everything lives….

Even the light in her eyes…

Its more than a year, and I still wait for the feeling to pass by..



It floods my mind, like the waters of dear Noah’s time,

It took me unawares…I’m still savourig the surprise,

Its like art and the man…how can I survive without the smile?

Like Melanaeus’s horse, only her craft could bridge these walls?

Let it be known, only for you am I proud to acknowledge fawn…




Bless me no more , dear heaven,

I have thy diadem by my unworthy side,

What could be more gratifying?

Many plead for angels,

But here I am, creating moments with one of your’s…



Her smile is like a thousand calm seas,

Thrilling, exhilarating, perfect….its peace.

Her hair grows like sycamores in spring,

and when its done, cascades like snow in winter’s wind…



Every part…The most subtle retinue…Everything reeks of bliss

Tell me, Dona,…Can I ever be worthy to Love ‘ee?





Just because its so far away,don’t mean it aint happenning,

Don’t laugh at those who fall,just because You’re still standing,

Just because,you’re still flying doesn’t rule the possibility of crash-landing…



You acquire wealth and power,at the expense of the masses…

And then you cover your tracks,telling us you’re rebranding…

And when we catch you in your deed,you wriggle out your way,urging for dialogue,mutual understanding…..




Wails and cries,how long will your people die?

Your silence is enough for us to believe you don’t even care,

You spin the truth,how many more media houses do you intend to buy?

You assure us the evil will be curbed,

and then the next blast, exponentially multiplies our fears….



They run ragged with their belief,satiating their bloodlust,

How long do you intend to bury mutilated remains,body parts and bone dust?…

How can you let this happen?…

Ending lives all for the reason that they made the Sign Of The Cross?




Chronicles of fraud,collosal distrust Uncertainty,underhandedness,all to get the masses misinformed….

How do you live with urself?…

How do you manage to keep sane when your whole life is false?

When you lie so much,the truth becomes a blur?

And all this for what?…

In the end,my dear friend,you’ll still be imprisoned with the rest of us in the earths crust….


And then,there’ll be no king….

cos after death,all our wealth,

all our thrills,comforts and bliss,

will be noth’…For we’ll have become forgotten……


And like the traveller and the woman of easy virtue,

Vanity will end its fling….


I look around me,
nothing else is the same,
and here I was thinking,

that I’ll have to blend in to acquire fame….#yea right…
…Oh,but its a shame,cos’ everybody else believes that only with the crowd will you make a name…

Why can’t they see,
the truth is plain….
Only the different entity is gets the attention and fame…

We all try so hard to be part of the crowd,
and when it doesn’t work out,
we scream to heaven out loud
“God!!.why art my blessings disallowed?”..
If I was the big guy up there,I’d probably say “dude,you’re sounding like James Brown right now”…# phyche *wink*

But how can we forget,
Life is never easy,even with super-human intellect,
We can’t always figure everything out,
Its like writing a story..
You can’t finish when the whole idea is still panning out…
For the impatience that is our inhibition,
we’ll only manage to multiply the grief we propose to oust….#word

We talk about the future,
about dreams,goals,subconscious infusion..
But without perseverance,and patience,
any and every failure seems like “subconscious delusion”…#humor me

This is our sorrowful reality,
we dream big but lack the will to accomplish it…
We build the tracks,and refuse to run on it..
Its like building your dream house,
and renting it out just because you can’t furnish it….
And for those who manage to pursue their futures reality…
The rest of the pack shake their empty heads,mouthing “there he goes again ,chasing vanity”…

We only live once,
So for every creative, thought I spurn,
I’ll strive to capture it…
For every dream my inner man reveals,
I must realize it..
For every opportunity,life presents,
whether elevation,or cold-hearted depression…
I’ll take my chances,
cos’ in the end,I’m the one who gets to make my life’s decision..

If I get my values right,
Life will be more freedom and less fight…
If I struggle to stand out,
In life’s private party,I’ll never get bounced out..#even if I’ve got no I.V..

We’re all made of good stuff,
like big bank accounts,
waiting to be used up…
It don’t matter where You come from,
it all depends where you want to end up…
We all talk about life being a movie…
So why the hell can’t we just do INCEPTION !!!


I look in to my world
What do i see?
Just me standing there thats what i see
Gotta pick up myself and be what i must be
I must wear that ceremonial hat.. That Busby!
Someone once told me….
”you must be yourself today…
To stand amongst people tomorrow”.
This life has been made a game and i must play
No pain, no gain, more sorrow
No strings attached but i’ve got chains
I tie it to myself.. No drag, i follow
Running along in line but i’m no winger
Unequal challenges like fingers
Putting up with what the world demands
I won’t go low even when you gimme reprimands
The world has got to much to eat but its no food land
No money on the street boys but dem dey BUGA

As i go..
I’ll take my chances
I pray to God to reward my efforts wif blessings
I’m drawing up my life but no pencil
I’m heading for the future.. No tenses
My life is worth fighting for
I refuse to stand and risk being washed away by sand storms
I’ll move.. No restrictions… No sea shores
Done making plans… Time to take a decision

Dem are ask me
What inspires you?
Everything begins with you
I’m sure thats answers it
Right now i’ve got nothing
Intellectual property.. Now thats worth something
Its my time… Yes imma front it
Going sharp on the clock… No blunt things
In this world, i must acquire ‘my own’ sense of belonging



Dear Jane,

Though the memories of heartbreak seem to wane,
the pain of the past is still the same,
…worse still,my hearts still with you,

and for the past behind the corners of time,I ache for the joys we left behind…
Nothing befits my heart…only you can fit its crevice…
Without you,loves’ essence is noth’ but debris…..
How can you not know?….
How did Your heart go callous and cold?…
Now,my hands have nothing to hold,
the fibres of courage,all spent in the exodus to flee griefs hold…

From zenith to null,
Sorrow is the norm,
With every passing day,My fragile heart drowns in desertions storm….

My dear,dear Jane,life holds its twists,
pain hath thus tutored our wits…
Let not thy heart be in turmoil…For though,your whims brought forth grief….

I can only but wish You Bliss….

Eternally Yours



Dear John,
I hear you’ll be leaving soon,
going away to never return. why shouldn’t you?
this place has nothing for you,
but the sad memories of a stupid girl who didn’t know what she wanted and broke your heart
before she realized she should have kept it.
who kept searching for what she never knew, never found.
I should hold my smile, wave as i watch you leave,
but my stubborn heart wont let me.
after all that has changed, from little girl to big girl;
timid girl to confident, brave girl; 17 to 23;
it is still you. still you that makes me laugh,
makes me want to dance,
makes me fantasize about starry nights in a man’s arms. . . .
still you that makes me a woman, makes me a little girl.

You deserve someone better, i was never good enough.
i know i should leave you alone, let you be,
but with my stupid, stubborn heart, i swear i do love you,
like chocolate and champagne on a rainy day,
like the cry of a newborn baby,
like a movie that i’d watch every single day.

i love you more than me, more than you,
more than anything and everything.
i love you so much it breaks my heart.

I don’t expect you to forgive me,
am sure your heart is too tired already.
I just want you, before you get on that ship to smile at me.
your beautiful, beautiful smile that i have missed for so long.
and maybe i can tell myself that you still love me,
after all said and done, still think of me.
If i pray hard enough, you may even come back to me,
with arms open wide and i’d run to you,
laughing and crying ‘cos i know i’d have it all.
to love and be loved.
Yours forever.