Dear Jane,

Though the memories of heartbreak seem to wane,
the pain of the past is still the same,
…worse still,my hearts still with you,

and for the past behind the corners of time,I ache for the joys we left behind…
Nothing befits my heart…only you can fit its crevice…
Without you,loves’ essence is noth’ but debris…..
How can you not know?….
How did Your heart go callous and cold?…
Now,my hands have nothing to hold,
the fibres of courage,all spent in the exodus to flee griefs hold…

From zenith to null,
Sorrow is the norm,
With every passing day,My fragile heart drowns in desertions storm….

My dear,dear Jane,life holds its twists,
pain hath thus tutored our wits…
Let not thy heart be in turmoil…For though,your whims brought forth grief….

I can only but wish You Bliss….

Eternally Yours


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