Tell me where you wanna go.
London, Paris or Rome.
I’ll take you round the world and everywhere will seem like home.
We can even go to see a game in Kanji Dome.

You like Hungary huh…
You wanna enjoy the worm springs of Budapest.
I’ll give you anything you want cos you deserve nothing less
and you’re the best.

How bout we head spain to see a matador game.
I’ll treat you like a queen cos in true sense you’re the same.
I’ll treat you good and have you screaming my name.

How high and far can you go?
I’ll have you touch ground in Montenegro.
We’ll even be part of a live audience in Oprah Winfrey Show.
Or is it Moments with Mo?

I promise you no second will be wasted.
We’ll have the extra ordinary chemistry created.
We can even go to heaven but i hear its Gated.
I’ll have you forget bout your Ex like you never dated.

Next stop will be at Brazil.
Oh.. Rio de Janiero…
Promise to stick with you even though i’ve got so many Latinas to follow…..
Feeling like a Champ cos i’ve tasted you and you taste like Milo.
You can tan but don’t get burnt like Nero.

We’ll take a tour of America.
and anywhere you wanna…

Even though we’ll touch Vegas..
I’ll never trade you for millis of Dollars.
We’ll walk the road together.

All you just gotta do is grab your luggage….
Go to sleep and wait for me in your dream.
We’ll take a sweet dream flight and its gonna be a DREAM VOYAGE.

Lil’ Capable..

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