A weight beyond my shoulders,
The maze I’m left to wander..…
On a long road,alone I’m left to saunter,
The tragedy of my life….my sorrows psalter.

O Rosa,epitome of all to me that matters,
A drifting heaven serendipitously encountered,
Has my luck run out?….I seem to wonder….
Questions of the like I seem to ponder,
Why did tepid Rosa disappear without notice?
Right now,even before I wrote this,
The answer still eludes….How could I not have noticed?

Perfect Rosa,I’m drowning in oblivion,
I crave your recognition,
I submit to thy dominion,
Even if for your return,that’s the only condition…

They wonder why I’m still here,
The moon wonders why my heart still calls from here…when you’re so far over there…
He asks me why I care…Why I don’t withdraw even with this avalanche of tears….
I look up,at his bright face,and ask him if leaving his sky would be fair….
They really don’t understand this dare,
They say its vanity-fare….
They stare at me perplexed,but I know what I want,
I know my heart will mend…

Darkness surrounds…I implore thee…
Show forth thy light…
Even the sun confesses you’re bright,
What can I say,he’s right – You’re ILLUMINATIONS bride…

You’re so far away,how long can I survive this aphelion?
How long can Zeus stray from his Pantheon?
If loving you is my curse,so be it….I’ll carry on…
And long after I’ve become carrion,
My love for you will be like an everlasting medallion….

They say I’ve lost it.with this display of paroxysm,
But what word can replace it,there is no antonym,
You’re my hearts melody…
You’re just perfect,my Loves eponym…

You,re so far away,I can’t even crawl the distance…
For my feet have receded – I’m presently apodal…
My limbs are useless – dangling loosely from my shoulders….
Let heaven be my witness….I’ll go the ends of the earth just to behold her….

I’m searching for your file….I can’t find it in my folder…
Oh!!my gentle Rosa…I wish more than ever to hold her….
Her scent lingers still on the sofa….
Her number plays forever in my heads embers….
This is true pain,its worse than murder….
What disaster could have caused this asunder?….
Dissipating the courage my gentle heart seems to muster…

Where’s Rosa?….Where’s my ever glistening boulder?….
Whats this unholy feeling?….This bewildering monster….
Rapaciously eroding my mind…dissipating traces of her that seem to linger….Or has LOVE become present in yesterdays roster?

But why do I cling tenaciously to this one?…
Why,but there are a million Rosa’s?
Why her you earnestly ask….
Well here’s your answer gentle friend,
Can a heart cease to beat for its TRUE OWNER???

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