I look around me,
nothing else is the same,
and here I was thinking,

that I’ll have to blend in to acquire fame….#yea right…
…Oh,but its a shame,cos’ everybody else believes that only with the crowd will you make a name…

Why can’t they see,
the truth is plain….
Only the different entity is gets the attention and fame…

We all try so hard to be part of the crowd,
and when it doesn’t work out,
we scream to heaven out loud
“God!!.why art my blessings disallowed?”..
If I was the big guy up there,I’d probably say “dude,you’re sounding like James Brown right now”…# phyche *wink*

But how can we forget,
Life is never easy,even with super-human intellect,
We can’t always figure everything out,
Its like writing a story..
You can’t finish when the whole idea is still panning out…
For the impatience that is our inhibition,
we’ll only manage to multiply the grief we propose to oust….#word

We talk about the future,
about dreams,goals,subconscious infusion..
But without perseverance,and patience,
any and every failure seems like “subconscious delusion”…#humor me

This is our sorrowful reality,
we dream big but lack the will to accomplish it…
We build the tracks,and refuse to run on it..
Its like building your dream house,
and renting it out just because you can’t furnish it….
And for those who manage to pursue their futures reality…
The rest of the pack shake their empty heads,mouthing “there he goes again ,chasing vanity”…

We only live once,
So for every creative, thought I spurn,
I’ll strive to capture it…
For every dream my inner man reveals,
I must realize it..
For every opportunity,life presents,
whether elevation,or cold-hearted depression…
I’ll take my chances,
cos’ in the end,I’m the one who gets to make my life’s decision..

If I get my values right,
Life will be more freedom and less fight…
If I struggle to stand out,
In life’s private party,I’ll never get bounced out..#even if I’ve got no I.V..

We’re all made of good stuff,
like big bank accounts,
waiting to be used up…
It don’t matter where You come from,
it all depends where you want to end up…
We all talk about life being a movie…
So why the hell can’t we just do INCEPTION !!!

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