I look in to my world
What do i see?
Just me standing there thats what i see
Gotta pick up myself and be what i must be
I must wear that ceremonial hat.. That Busby!
Someone once told me….
”you must be yourself today…
To stand amongst people tomorrow”.
This life has been made a game and i must play
No pain, no gain, more sorrow
No strings attached but i’ve got chains
I tie it to myself.. No drag, i follow
Running along in line but i’m no winger
Unequal challenges like fingers
Putting up with what the world demands
I won’t go low even when you gimme reprimands
The world has got to much to eat but its no food land
No money on the street boys but dem dey BUGA

As i go..
I’ll take my chances
I pray to God to reward my efforts wif blessings
I’m drawing up my life but no pencil
I’m heading for the future.. No tenses
My life is worth fighting for
I refuse to stand and risk being washed away by sand storms
I’ll move.. No restrictions… No sea shores
Done making plans… Time to take a decision

Dem are ask me
What inspires you?
Everything begins with you
I’m sure thats answers it
Right now i’ve got nothing
Intellectual property.. Now thats worth something
Its my time… Yes imma front it
Going sharp on the clock… No blunt things
In this world, i must acquire ‘my own’ sense of belonging


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