Just because its so far away,don’t mean it aint happenning,

Don’t laugh at those who fall,just because You’re still standing,

Just because,you’re still flying doesn’t rule the possibility of crash-landing…



You acquire wealth and power,at the expense of the masses…

And then you cover your tracks,telling us you’re rebranding…

And when we catch you in your deed,you wriggle out your way,urging for dialogue,mutual understanding…..




Wails and cries,how long will your people die?

Your silence is enough for us to believe you don’t even care,

You spin the truth,how many more media houses do you intend to buy?

You assure us the evil will be curbed,

and then the next blast, exponentially multiplies our fears….



They run ragged with their belief,satiating their bloodlust,

How long do you intend to bury mutilated remains,body parts and bone dust?…

How can you let this happen?…

Ending lives all for the reason that they made the Sign Of The Cross?




Chronicles of fraud,collosal distrust Uncertainty,underhandedness,all to get the masses misinformed….

How do you live with urself?…

How do you manage to keep sane when your whole life is false?

When you lie so much,the truth becomes a blur?

And all this for what?…

In the end,my dear friend,you’ll still be imprisoned with the rest of us in the earths crust….


And then,there’ll be no king….

cos after death,all our wealth,

all our thrills,comforts and bliss,

will be noth’…For we’ll have become forgotten……


And like the traveller and the woman of easy virtue,

Vanity will end its fling….

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