How can there be only retinue?
There’s no other thought,except of serenades for you..
Days are passing away,and yet,the want for you declines to wane,
Like Noah’s storm,refusing to abate…..

This crater is endless,
No hands to catch me on this fall,
With every glimpse of you,
The longing grows more and more….

For the memories I could not save,
And the past I long to hold,
For every moment you surface,
Let my heart be whole….

The presence of you,
the faintest residue,
causes a deluge of affections…unstoppable paroxysm…
For the beauty that you are,let there be no synonym….

If your form had flaws,they would edify perfection thus…
If numbers be thy grade,then you’re a perfect score…
If perfection hath its worth,then let heaven name its price….
If men strive for heights,let me be you inclined….

You invade my thoughts,
the effect is reflecting,
I’ll indulge no other,
if not you,let my heart be empty….
My mind is overflowing with Love’s incentive…..

In my head,you’re living…. Rent Free….

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