The evening like a veil,

The wind brushes by, with subtle arms…its almost human…

Who knows it might have a name…

Like they say, everything lives….

Even the light in her eyes…

Its more than a year, and I still wait for the feeling to pass by..



It floods my mind, like the waters of dear Noah’s time,

It took me unawares…I’m still savourig the surprise,

Its like art and the man…how can I survive without the smile?

Like Melanaeus’s horse, only her craft could bridge these walls?

Let it be known, only for you am I proud to acknowledge fawn…




Bless me no more , dear heaven,

I have thy diadem by my unworthy side,

What could be more gratifying?

Many plead for angels,

But here I am, creating moments with one of your’s…



Her smile is like a thousand calm seas,

Thrilling, exhilarating, perfect….its peace.

Her hair grows like sycamores in spring,

and when its done, cascades like snow in winter’s wind…



Every part…The most subtle retinue…Everything reeks of bliss

Tell me, Dona,…Can I ever be worthy to Love ‘ee?




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