True, dear Stella,

For some, life is like a wine cellar,

Bringing only forebodings of fanfair, so it seems,

For them, life will only get better,

But be vigilant, ma’ Cherie,

              Nothing Lasts forever….


Add up your woes and

Stretch out open arms,

Fear not , fair one, the world can do no more harm,

Good tidings have arrived,

        Your blessings in essence confirmed,

And even if hell confers,

None of their antics will ruffle, or compel,

Thee to enigma and fear,

Well, well, Stella dear, it appears heaven doth care…



On this threshold where family wrought woes, and

You are wounded by a friendly hand,

Move on from this sinking sand,

Look afar to the horizons, and hunger for the new lands,

The world is a large vase,

Like the potter,

                    Erase the unmoulded past,

You’re in control, make your good times forever last,

Cause pain to be a phantom of the past….



Fair one, Angel of Bhermount,

Be blind no more… For once see your own worth…

Let them alter your course,

No cause for alarm, ma’ Cherie,

When you’re home, you can never be lost,

You’ll outshine them all,

Its fate Dona, and no one can alter its course…



Your smile incites nostalgia of Eden’s waterfalls,

The cadence of your voice, an angels lullaby,

Folklore says, there was a feast in the heavens, when your form was conceived,

How then ma’ Cherie can you assume less of thyself?


How can you embrace caves, when you’re a maiden of manors?

Why should you fall, whilst your wings docily wrap around you?


How can you think less, of what heaven made fair?

Why do you not see the perfection with golden hair?


Why ma’ Cherie, let them have their brawn,

Seek it not, lest beauty goes before a fall,

This is your banquet Dona, a tribute to you,

Sound the trumpets, address the invites,

This is your tale,

                So we’ll let  the fairies deck the halls…. 

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