Imperfect speech, impaired vision,

Incoherent ideas, distorted mission,

Underachievement, lack of self-worth,

Gloomy phrases that have somehow become part of diction.

A land of promise, flowing with milk and honey,

Now a desert, void of all but slain dreams, with members still rotting,

A life not so well lived, heights not attempted to be reached,

Gaps not assented to be bridged…


A beggar’s bony hands waiting to be filled,

The fertile land that was never tilled,

The truths that were never believed,

And lies embraced with glee…

Alone in desolations planet,

Feeding on failure’s diet,

Envy and pride, laziness and instant gratification,

The list goes on, and there’s no mention of greed or philandering yet,

A sorrowful end, a bitter story… the tale of an inchoate talent…


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