What’s it with dumb girls and smart phones these days?.

Its like adorning make up cos’ you’re ugly. The funny part is, its funny to everybody butyou.

Yes, yes I’m a hater. Girls are annoying. But we can’t do without them now can we?


But it gets better.

Imagine being so hot and sexy, and yet so deserted and lonely. Do I hear you say “nobody has it all”?

Perhaps so, but I want it all.

Yes everything. But, wait, don’t we all?



Ok now to couture and jeans culture of our age. Clothing lines everywhere. Lackluster modeling agencies and anorexic little girls that somehow pass up as “models”.

Oh this generation is a revelation of humanity’s humor. We’re looking so hard for

happiness and solitude, for good health and longevity in this miasmic cluster of metallic rock and rap, oxidants and “fast-life”(remember YOLO? “Imma ride till I die”?)


Really, who comes up with these things?…No Really.


Moving on…

A week ago, I ran into an old school classmate while trying to carefully avoid another. He kept talking, asking about school and yes, girls (chicks as he called them).

After about 30 minutes he was still on the same subject.

“So, who’s the latest? Gimme details. “


Don’t we have reasonable stuff to talk about anymore? Or did the previous generation

exhaust all the enlightening gist?

Anyway, I had to get away from this guy, politely, without hurting his, oh so sensitive   feelings. Easy, I set an alarm to go off in the next 3 minutes and when it does, I answer

It like it’s a phone call. My dad suddenly needs me at home to help with repainting the





We shake hands and exchange contacts. In synchrony we pretend to store numbers and promise to get in touch. Yea right, if pigs could fly right?


But that got me thinking, I, no we effortlessly put up this whole charade, no rehearsals, no scripts. Just plain old improvision.


 A model of the lie we now live as “Cool People”


But em, who are we kidding?


Your guess is as good as mine.


Nowadays, in a desperate need to be accepted into the fold of society youth, most of us will go to the ends of the earth. It’s funny ‘cos we all want the nice big houses in garden cities with rich nice folks as neighbors. We see the future but we lack the patience, or

will, or fortitude to reach for it.

In the end when all doesn’t go as planned, we look for the cause in circumstances and

Environmental limitations when we’re our own nemesis.


Can we end this ominous trend?…

I share the view that there’s a chance to save us all from ourselves….



You believe me don’t you?