She’s a child, isn’t it too early to tag her a “BRIDE” ?

Its common sense, do you kill a calf because of its potential hide?

She’s still fickle, let her mind grow,

Give her brilliance the stage, and let her gifts show,

Trust, she’ll fail sometimes, we’re not all perfect,

She has a lot to learn… tutor her in the lore of life’s tenet;


How can the Shepherd slaughter his sheep, 

For hunger easily satiated by healthier meals?

Dignity, like gold, cannot be bought cheap,

For the people that we are, how can selfish desire over-rule Sanity?

How can we throw caution to the wind,

And let this storm of virulent insanity blow away sense of humanity?


She’s human, not a production line,

Leave her be, banish all thoughts of a lecherous pedophile, 

She’ll be a bride someday, wait till her time is keen,

Common sense….You don’t make nannies out of kids.

Don’t make a parody of nature’s design,

Homes are not made by girls made women at age 9,

Why trample the seed that will spout the fruits of tomorrow,

Why bother the land that nature was wise to leave fallow?

She’s one of us, why destroy the future of your uncertain tomorrow?



Freedom is bounded by the fences of fairness and conscience,

You’re only as free as the verity of the principles you uphold,

The girl child is our treasure to hoard,

Give freedom a chance, permit her to come of age,

Wine is only savored when it attains the gift of time,

The guidelines of reason are seen in the restrictions that confine desires undefined,

She is but a child…. Isn’t it too early to make her a bride?