I have to face the truth,

I know I’ll lose you someday,

And so I know I have to somehow make every moment with you count…



My, future’s ahead of me,

Like a path winding into the horizons….

From your words and wishes, you whisper,

That my success is the only crown fit for your head…

Your utterances float in the air,

As the glistening tears sail your somber face…

You have nothing to fear,

I assure you, I’ll do all I can,

I refuse to give up,

Even when I know I’ve surpassed my dreams…



You’re living for me,

All of your wealth, your time, your insight,

And unbounded care,

Like a faucet to a cistern,

You give me everything,

I just have to ask… I know you’ll give me anything…


I’ve seen angels before,

Fair-skinned, supple beings… enthralling beauties…

But with every gesture,

Every prosodial advice,

Every stern verse, you re-define guidance,

You instill all that heavens deem right…


I’d hate to lose you now, lost as I am,

My antics still haven’t made you proud,

May my benign foolishness accord you no harm…


Hard-work is all that pays,

In this world, little is accorded to charm,

I know you’ll be gone someday,

I just pray you’ll live long enough to acknowledge,

That all your efforts were not in vain.



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