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Poems, stories, paintings and more by Sharmishtha Basu


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I often have one or more sticky posts that stay frigid while i keep adding fresh posts, sometimes my friends too get confused đŸ™‚

Sharmishtha Basu


the list of my blogs in wordpress:

1. Sharmishtha Basu’s Poetries: http://mydomainpvt.wordpress.com : Mainly Poetries.
2. Thoughts: http://magicthought.wordpress.com : Stories mainly.
3. My cyber novels: http://mycybernovels.wordpress.com : novel, long stories, musings, cartoons etc
4. Window to my soul : http://window2mysoul.wordpress.com, PRIVATE BLOG
5. Sharmishtha Basu : http://sharmishthabasu.wordpress.com : My haiku, piku, lanturne, tanka blog.
6. Ethereal heights: http://etherealheights.wordpress.com- Celebrating peace and beauty.
7. Earth in black and white: http://earthinbw.wordpress.com – The real world.
8. Colours and words waltz: http://coloursandwordswaltz.wordpress.com – poetry and paintings.
9. Daintypetals: http://daintypetals.wordpress.com – PRIVATE BLOG
10.And I dreamed….: http://andidreamed.wordpress.com – portfolio…

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