Have I grown rusty?

When was the last time I wrote?

I cannot remember… Has my mind gone musty?

Doth my syntax face extinction?

And my prosody decay?

Do I fear being forgotten?

Will my Legacy remain?


I’ve been out too long, can I weather this endearing storm of change?

The times are daunting can I make it through this phase?

I fear for my myriad of ideas, will they ever see the light of day?

Will I follow through, or will fear cause me to hide these insights again?


These questions plague my soul,

Who inquires what must not be known?

I retreat into the solitude – my mind – the only solace I know,

Let the world go on,

While the essence of my soul outgrows this fear,

Let my thoughts seek the depths of these unclear waters that now flood my mind,

And when I find these answers I seek,

When fear becomes a choice I side-step with a cinch,

When I stand over myself, lauding my defeat,

And the torment of the flesh is transcended by the purity of thought…

This war would have been well fought,

The fortress of my mind duly restored…

And this Renaissance Man… Truly Re-Born…



Grovels and Pleas,

They cannot help me on this one,

They’re redundant, just for show….

I’m down in this hole,

No lights to see,

No surface to hold….

Am I going to be here forever,

Like a car You never drove?


What is my fate,

What is your verdict?

Answer me,

Before my life goes to waste…




I don’t have eternity,

Oh mistress of light…

So I implore thee,

Let my eyes for this passing tide of time,

Behold the splendor of thy light…

Your faintest strobe is enough to illuminate

The globe…..


Oh! What art thou made  of,

If not of heavens blitz?..

We all affirm that beauty is given,

But none refute ,

That yours is more than a gift…

The very sight of you inspires Bliss….



Did anything deserve to be called BEAUTIFUL

Before You?…

No, ma`Cherie, the word was coined just for You…

No one argues,

We all know this as indelible truth…

Who can negate – There can never be another You…..


You’re perfect, You’re  all beauty has to show….

I’ll not remain silent…

The world has to know……

In overwhelming darkness,

Your essence never ceases to show(GLOW)….

I can live in darkness forever,

For in my memory, You will always glow……



But I want more,

I want it all…

Let this not end,

Let me remain in the confines of thy sphere,

If You send me away,

I’ll flood the world with tears….

I’ll live out the remainder of my days,

Uneventful – Like an empty shell…






It’ll be pain multiplied, sorrow squared…

Body well…Brain dead…

Cast down from Heaven…Lost in Hell…

Staved from care…

On distress’s diet fed……



What is life without You?

Its not life at all – I feel like a living dead…

Its useless trying to live without You,

It’s like carrying the world on a mule…

Like defining the world from a myopic View…

This is truth..

This is my heart,

From a panoptic view…



The splendor of your bewildering charm,

How, ma`Cherie,

How can(DOTH) it inspire calm?




You stupefy the crowds that surrounds,

How is that possible?

When You’re not the only maiden around?









How then can I bear to see You leave?

How can a man behold Paradise

And consciously decline?

After Eden, what could be more divine?

To define perfection, after YOU,

What could be more precise?

Why would I choose to die,

When I could drown in the fountains of life?

 Hearken, ma`Cherie,
        Permit my pleas to placate thee so,
           Answer my prayer,
    Play the Angel and save this dying soul…

And in the end MY PERFECT,
When everything has crumbled, even the Eiffel,
     Will continue,
Even to the Paradise of Heaven…  

       A hearts pledge….
       Untainted LOVE……
  I wish ma`Cherie…That in this present time,
           I could offer more……


Unlike Rhinestones and pebbles,
your acclaimed Love was feeble,
it was almost never there,
so I’ll just call it a phantom…
And for the time that we were,
all you did was cause me rancour….
If you were indeed worth it,
I’d have hatred in my heart to harbour….

Nobody warned me,
there was no hint at all,
except for the words of my mother,
“dear son,do not pursue all that is gaudy”…
But I was in the inception of my youth,
and in those latter times,
the only acknowledged wisdom,
were acts of blatant blunders…

Life trudged along,
tepid currents caressing every passing moment…
nothing seemed amiss..
In my own imperfect way,
I found perfect bliss…
And then she came along,
fair skinned,golden locks,brown eyes,perfect lips…supple and round…
There was no negation…
For all that she appeared to be,
She was perfections enervation…
Every spare moment,every snooze-time…every resting hour…
I coined words for her,
I sang symphonies…I created everlasting art….
Moments of pure affection,frozen in time…
In my feeble mind,’twas my idea of a befitting Libation…

How foolish thus was this man in the early days of youth…
He sought to grow,to be collosal,
but neglected the roots…..
How can light be found in the darkest of nights,
in the absence of the stars….
And the ever fair moon?
How could he not,with clear vision,
and enough wisdom…
How could he not see that foolery with her would exorcise his dear,dear freedom?….
Oh young lad,you were only just a body slave in her pernicious kingdom…

I was far gone,lost beyond redemption,
like a kitten after its own tail,
I was thrilled….for she seemed an adventure…
How could I have been so blind?….
Since when did death appeal to my mind?…
Oh foolish soul…thou hath crafted thy own demise…

With my wits I thought I could sway,
your unbelieving Heart,I sought to change…
But how can the dead be raised,
when there’s no corpse in place?….
How do you change a heart,
when all thats left of it is soot and black…
Like a worthless scroll tossed in the fire place on an eventless winter night….

For the mistake that was you,
And the wiser man that is me,
there’s no lofty tale of distraught Lovers,
For we never were….
“Why?”…you dare to ask my dear friend…
There’s no need to blubber…
There’s a clear answer….
So ma Cherie’,
In the abscence of any clearer imagery
I’ll just say,
You’re my tragic Illead,
And I’ll be gloomy Homer….

How comical,
we’re the only cast in this performance…

Nobody gave me any chance of coming back,
but like Odesseysus,I’ve done the impossible….
You placed me in hell,
Hoping to come back for ashes,
But I turned it around,
and now I roam the heavens….

Long,Long Journey,
with twists and horrors….
And lets not forget infernal Gurneys…
I won’t go trite and say You were worth it…
But for what its worth,ma cherie’
of true Love,You’re most unworthy..

To reach paradise,you were the collosal deep I had to jump over,
the cracken I had to drown deep down under,
in Poseidons great waters…
You’re the plague that would never have been history,
if I had guidance enought not to flip the lid…

On the outside,You’re Shangri-La,
but when I gave ‘ee passage,
there was only chaos…
for I seemed to wane as I got eerily closer….
suffice to say ,Ma Cherie’…


Stars and bright skies……nothing compares,
In this chaos of an ugly world,
Your light shines bright….crystal clear,
My dear, you ‘re all that is fair…
Nothing compares… imagination comes near…

There’s no need to try,
Words in this case are redundant,
So why do I even mind?….
If everything has its price,
Then, for you, there is  no tag,
      Like the Aegean,
  Your beauty knows no bounds….
Oh, lady of splendor….
    Your very existence doth make the heavens proud…
Fairest maiden,
             You stun us all,
         The effect is profound…

We implore thee,
Walk on our sands,
      Let thy perfect sea grace our grounds….
Perfection is divine…..
If you’re nothing more,then you’re its height….

Like the sun to the universe,
You are my light,
In this land of woes,this living hell,
You give me heaven….
Perfect paradise….

In this frenzy of insanity,
Your surreal affection is my sanity,
In a world where all  is vanity,
    Only you, ma’ Cherie,
You’ve restored all sanctity…..

Where darkness holds sway,
Your shining light illuminates the way,
You’ve restored all sanctity…..

Where darkness holds sway,
Your shining light illuminates the way,
You’ve drowned my disheartening gloom,
With thy soothing sea of peaceful light….
Why ma’ Cherie,
              You dost seem to take flight……

Your hair falls perfectly,
Around thy tender shoulders,
Like threads on a loom,
The wind makes them shudder….
Like  waves  on a rippling lake….
The bewildering sight that is your smile…….
Inspires only thoughts of Heaven….

Maiden of the stars,
You surpass all dreams,
If this be fantasy,
I implore thee,
Let me wake up in thy arms…..

You,my fair lady,are an enigma,
You leave a lot to ponder,
Your beauty is an adventure……
        Like new worlds to discover….
The sight of you inspires no words,only stutters;
How can you be real?
    How can perfection come alive?
Tell me,little angel,how potent is thy charm?
Doth thy spell know no bounds?

When all wealth becomes a farce,
And all of life are in sorrows depth cast,
When all hope is lost,
And time disappears in the dark,
Only you,fairest,
        Can turn night to light…..

You placate sinister seas of pain,seeking to drown…..
You smoothen furrowed brows,
With a smile,banishing every frown….

Your presence is a blessing….
You’re of heaven,
Of that I am certain,

All cannot be perfect they say,
But before me,
Perfection stares  in the face……

Emerald of heaven,
Lady of the sun,
The most perfect child,beauty hath yet bore,
Light of affection,
      My tender hearts redemption….

Dreams cannot compare,
She surpasses comprehension,let imagination be aware,
In your presence,nothing else is fair,
That’ll be blasphemy,
Let no one even dare,
Lest he be cast in the vileness of hell…..

Enthrall my arms,
Fill my mind with encomium for thee,
Quill in hand,
Overflowing ink in jars,
There’s a story to be told,
The world has to know…..
        Perfection hath on earth found its abode…….

Inebriate my senses,
    Reignite my glee….
Burn my sorrows embers,
Set my heart free…..

Thou art an angel….
Spread out thy perfect wings,
Show us untainted bliss,
Compel imperfection to take to its heels,
Reaffirm our belief in heavens dexterity….

Wind of change,
Mist of grace,
My life as I know it,will never be the same,
For I have seen mystery the world cannot explain,
Unraveled  knowledge no one mind can contain…..
Untainted perfection….beauty that’ll forever reign…

You belittle all other beauties,
In thy presence they all disappear,
You inspire thoughts of bliss,
 You dissipate all grief…
Around you,the aura of heaven draws us near……
You make gold,seem like desert sand…..
Never again….till eternity will a replica of you be found;

You’re the impossible,
If dreams do come true,
Then you’re my shooting star…the frontier of my fantasies,
I’ll put down stars,so I could hang the glowing letters of your name….
You’ll forever be permanent ,

Succinctly….mia  dona’…..

You’re my HOLY GRAIL…..